Charting Diverse Paths to Success

High school at ZKF empowers students to chart their unique paths. Our diverse curriculum offers specialized pathways in Science, Arts, Humanities, and Islamic studies, ensuring each student finds their academic niche and flourishes under the guidance of dedicated specialists.


Guiding the Educational Journey: High School Level of Progression

As we advance to the third level of progression – high school – our focus shifts towards shaping and refining the foundations laid in earlier stages. High school marks a crucial phase where we are dedicated to guiding students in a purposeful direction.

Building upon the enhanced base, we strive to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience. High school at our institution is designed to introduce a multitude of opportunities to our students, ranging from dual credit programs to pathways leading to college admission.

We view high school as a pivotal step in a student’s educational journey, where exposure plays a vital role. Our approach emphasizes providing students with ample opportunities to explore diverse fields, enabling them to make informed decisions about their desired areas of expertise. Our commitment is to empower students not only academically but also in fostering a clear vision for their future pursuits.


High School Curriculum




Advent of Islam

Islamic Ethics


Social Studies

Visual Arts

Physical Education

Guiding Students Toward Future Success

Our commitment is not only to academic excellence but also to nurturing students who are capable and confident in planning for their future. By fostering a seamless transition from elementary to middle school, we empower our students to approach their educational paths with readiness and determination.

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