First Artificial Intelligence-Based Islamic Academy

Our mission is straightforward: to deliver high-quality education to the global Muslim community. To fulfill this objective, we leverage cutting-edge innovations, particularly AI integration. This technology plays a pivotal role in helping us extend literacy to even the most remote corners of the world, bringing education to everyone, regardless of their geographical location

About dr. zak

Introducing Dr. ZAK: Our Adaptive Digital Tutor for Personalized and Accessible Education at ZKF Islamic Academy

Meet Dr. ZAK, our digital tutor designed to address the educational needs of every child. With each passing day and every interaction with a child, Dr. ZAK continues to learn and adapt, refining itself to cater to a diverse range of students with distinct personalities. This adaptability is what sets it apart and ensures a unique and safe learning environment for children, with our IT team monitoring it 24/7. If physical access is a challenge, worry not. We will bridge the gap through the internet, connecting with you via our tutor, Dr. ZAK. In cases where internet access is unavailable, ZKF Islamic Academy is committed to providing you with the necessary tools and connectivity to ensure seamless access to our educational resources.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

teaching methadology

how dr. zak will teach your child ?

 Dr. ZAK, our highly knowledgeable tutor, meticulously designed to impart education to the masses, complemented by world-class facilitators, guided by our comprehensive curriculum that combines American and Islamic education, Dr. Zak systematically breaks down essential concepts, ensuring your child gains a solid foundation. This foundation becomes pivotal as it facilitates the seamless absorption of intricate knowledge in future, more complex stages.

To reinforce learning, each lecture is available for review, allowing students to revisit and consolidate their understanding. Furthermore, students are required to successfully clear an exam after each lecture. This not only ensures comprehension but also enables the AI to gauge qualification for advancing to the next level of knowledge.

Diverse Student-Centric AI

Our AI Possesses Multiple Qualities Designed to Cater to Diverse Forms of Students, Including:

Critical Thinking Skills

World-class Curriculum

Islamic Teachings

Problem-solving Abilities

Global Knowledge Access

Multilingual capabilities

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